Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Week in Ohio

Hunter, Claire, and I went to Liberty Township Ohio for a week to visit my best friend Allison. We had a blast. Hunter had fun with Allison's kids Asher and Malia. He played their Wii every minute we were at their home.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bryant and Braelyn

I always have wanted to have twins, but this week of having two two year old I have changed my mind. Bryant and his cousin Brealyn have been fighting 99 percent of the time they are together. Two year olds are a hand full.

Swimming in Colorado

For the past week, the kids and I have been in Colorado visiting my parents. Yesterday, we went to the pool and had a blast. We ended up staying for four hours because there was so much to do. Hunter, Mason, and their cousin Devyn were jumping off the 10 foot diving board. Hunter even dove off it. I could not believe it! My brother said "they are not afraid of anything. Are they?" I guess that what comes with little competitive boys, who can not be out done by each other. Claire, Bryant, and Brealyn loved the little waterslide and the kiddie pool.